DM30 Weeding machine to push

The weeding machine to push DM30 is equipped of a 4-stroke engine HONDA : 6,5CV / 190cc.

Weight : 90 Kg

Manual traction to push.

Brush belt drive.

Brush with double direction of rotation.

Seesaw side with handlebar control.

Adjustable handlebar in height.

Delivered with a lateral deflector.


Its compact size and light weight make it extremely easy to use and limit the efforts.

The variety of adjustment and combination of each brush allow efficient work on different supports.

Brush pressure adjustment on the ground and its lateral deflector allow efficient, precise and fast weeding.

The DM30 is easy to maintain and economical.

Brushes available for DM30 use

The MPA brush allows a curative weeding and offers the best compromise between efficiency and preservation of the support. Steel flats allow chopping and tearing of unwanted weeds by limiting premature soil wear.

The AC2R rubber-coated steel brush is ideal for preventive weed control or simple sweeping.This brush is also used on surfaces weakened by time.

Preventive weeding is the action of cleaning the surface before regrowth of unwanted or post-emergent weeds on small seedlings or mosses.

The ACP coated steel and polypropylene brushis the best compromise for scrubbing / sweeping dry or wet materials.

The polypropylene PPD brush is effective for street sweeping without aggressiveness.

Without herbicides or fuel consumption, mechanical weeding is the clean and economical solution for the elimination of unwanted vegetation. POGET offers you its experience of weeding through a complete range of tools adapted to your ground.

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