CIP Sunflower header

The new CIP sunflower header presents 30 years experiences of the harvest. Its robust design and its crusher are advantages for the sunflower harvesting.

Large section blades POGET

Galvanized asymetric profiles plates.

3 lengths proposed : 4,70 m / 6,10 m / 7,50 m

Reel of 3 blades made of wire mesh and is bent with height adjustment as well as hydraulic drive (Optional hydraulic drive).

Coupling by compatible interface with all brands an models of combine harvester.

Schumacher wobble box

Hydraulic reel

Stalk chopper 2 blades. Transmission by box.

Optional trolley.

Adapted to any type of combine harvester.

Simple and robust mechanism.

Galvanized asymmetric profiles blades.

The large clearance sections allow a high harvest without plugging and shattering.

The harvesting equipment POGET constitutes a efficient system for the farmer. It significantly reduces seed loss and optimizes working speed.

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