Single brushes

POGET offers a wide range of compact and easy-to-use weeding machines.

The DH40 towed weeding machine is a tool very manageable and easy to use through its intuitive controls. It allows a quick pick-up to the user.

Very light and manageable, the DM30 single brush weeding machine to push, allows access to hard-to-reach areas. Its compact size and light weight make it extremely easy to use and limit the effort. Its powerful engin makes it possible to work in all circumstances.

The DM20 light single brush weeding machine, very manageable and compact. It’s easy to use and limits the effort for the user.

The hydraulic weeding machine on arm mower DHTE is design for the weeding of large areas.

The hydraulic weeding machine on micro-tractor DHMT is design for the weeding of large areas.

The weeding eco-brush adaptable on brushcutters is the perfect complement to single-brush weeding machine.

For the maintenance of your weeding machine, POGET offers you many accessories.

Without herbicides or fuel consumption, mechanical weeding is the clean and economical solution for the elimination of unwanted vegetation. POGET offers you its experience of weeding through a complete range of tools adapted to your ground.

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