Short weeding planer – RDC

The RDC short weeding planer has reversible blades made of special steel.

Flexible tooth with inclination adjustement.

Accurate adjustment of working depth.

Heavy mesh steel finishing mat.

Power minimum necessary : 20 CV.

Standard 3-point linkage adaptable to tractors movers.

Short type.

RDC 1,10 m : 200 Kg

RDC 1,40 m : 218 Kg

Option roller adaptable to POGET weeding planers.

The set of claws, blades, metal malt and the silent wheels of the different weeding planers allow an efficient and careful work on the permeable grounds without destrucuring in depth.

Option roller adaptable to POGET weeding planers.

Very efficient tool for the cramped grounds.

A remarkable work finish.

Without herbicides or fuel consumption, mechanical weeding is the clean and economical solution for the elimination of unwanted vegetation. POGET offers you its experience of weeding through a complete range of tools adapted to your ground.

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