Harvesting equipment

The CIP sunflower header with large sections offers quality and working comfort. Its lo every risks to break your machines. Its crusher leaves a clean field and eliminates all risks of damaging your machines.

The sunflower trays are adaptable to all header models. No modifications on cereal headers. Extremely fast assembly for sunflower harvesting.

The mixed avanced sunflower/crop header is a complete set adaptable on combine harvester. It is composed of large sections blades POGET specially designed for large sunflower stems and galvanized asymmetric profiles trays.

POGET offers you accessories for the maintenance of your sunflower and rape headers.

The pre-assembly chassis forms a complete set for harvesting sunflower. Quick assembly on the dividers of the sunflower header.

The POGET harvesting equipment constitutes a powerful assembly for the farmer. It significantly reduces grain loss and optimizes working speed. Profitable, only 20 hectares per year are enough to depreciate it.

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