Harvesting accessories

POGET offers you several accessories for  the maintenance of your cereal header.



Reel with 3 blades wire-mesh and bent so as to arrive perpendicularly to the blade.

Thin mesh and solid mesh.

Full hexagonal ends.

Bolted axle depending on the combine harvester type.

This is an indispensable tool if you do not have a large section’s header.


Cover plates for standard reel

Galvanized sheet.

Mounting plates.


Vertical saw

Blade length : 1,35 m

Electric saw weight : 42 kg

Hydraulic saw weight : 38 kg

Power / Electric engine voltage : 450 W /12 V

For the power supply, make sure you have wire Ø6mm and a switch to protect the engine.

The POGET harvesting equipment constitutes a powerful assembly for the farmer. It significantly reduces grain loss and optimizes working speed. Profitable, only 20 hectares per year are enough to depreciate it.

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