BT100-L cow cubicles sweeper

BT100-L cow cubicles sweeper consist of HONDA GSV190 engine.

Brush belt drive.

Working width up to 1m.

Brush with double direction of rotation.

Front gauge wheel.

3 models of brushes: PPD / ACP / AC2R

A system of retractable wheels allows to move up and down the sweeper on the sidewalk of the cow cubicles effortlessly.

It saves valuable time for the farmer and improves hygiene and work comfort.

The variety of adjustment and combination of each brush allows efficient work and adaptable on all cow cubicles.

The handlebar is adjustable in height to promote working comfort.

Brushes available for BT100L use

The AC2R brush made of steel, braided and coated with rubber is effective for the removal of heavy materials and glued to the floor.

The ACP coated steel and polypropylene brushis the best compromise for scrubbing / sweeping dry or wet materials.

The PPD brush without steel is effective for a sweeping without aggressiveness. This brush is ideal for bringing fodder closer, cleaning mattresses, cleaning market canvases, etc.

The POGET sweeping equipment is a working comfort for the operator and greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning work on a farm. It is also a valuable time saving for the user who will be able to perform other jobs.

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